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Who we are

Alsahar is a leading fire stop specialist contractor in Qatar. Firestopping is our special focus, we have been at the forefront of developing the most advanced and cost effective firestop solutions in this field. With the increasing demand for Alsahar's services, we now have multiple divisions including Fire Stop, Fire Proofing, Water Proofing, Epoxy Coating and Painting works.

Why Alsahar

Alsahar’s management includes passionate leaders, executives and professionals. We serve quality and time-sensitive projects more effectively. With our highly skilled and experienced staff, aggressive budget control and customer-centric approach, we work diligently to exceed expectations.

What We Do

Alsahar General Contracting has several divisions including Fire Stopping Services, Fire Proofing, Water Proofing, Epoxy Coating, Leak Injection, Dry Wall Partition and Painting works.

Fire Stopping Service

Fire Stopping

Alsahar - is accredited to provide expertise in fire assessment coordination and remediation with the aim of making the building safe.

Fire Proofing Service

Fire Proofing

The purpose for fireproofing is to create a buffer between a fire and the structural steel supporting a building. This is achieved by applying a cementitious or intumescent coating directly to the structural steel substrate.

Water Proofing Service

Water Proofing

We have provided guaranteed commercial waterproofing, maintenance and restoration services to our clients throughout the state of Qatar.

Epoxy Coating Service

Epoxy Coating

M/s Alsahar is specialized in high performance coatings for commercial and residential properties.

Painting Works Service

Painting Works

M/s Alsahar have the expertise to complete all sizes of painting projects.



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Our Projects

Alsahar General Contracting Projects
Marriott hotel @ West Bay
Alsahar General Contracting Projects
W Doha hotel @ West Bay
Alsahar General Contracting Projects
Burj DAMAC Tower (Waterfront) @ Lusail

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